"As independent managers accredited by FINMA, 1875 FINANCE guarantees stable and replicable management processes that respect your governance constraints and principles."

Based on the unparalleled association of six principles that are independence, security, integration, modelling, responsibility and proximity, 1875 FINANCE’s business model is particularly relevant in helping pension funds face two major challenges, namely the structural decline in returns and the need for high governance standards. As PRI signatories (UN-backed Principles for Responsible Investments), we offer a responsible sustainable approach and are convinced that a relevant integration of environmental (E), social (S) and governance (G) factors increase portfolio efficiency.

Relying on a network of skilled professionals and on 1875 MAP, we assist you in managing your assets and aim to generate consistent asymmetric performance. 1875 MAP is the result of over 20 years of experience. This unique, robust and replicable process based on a multi-factor model allows the possibility of deriving an optimal investment grid for each portfolio from a strategic allocation. The systematic analysis of 2’500 variables rules out subjective factors and ensures sustainable outperformance relative to benchmark indices. This unique tool is used for institutional and private clients alike.